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SECTHEMALL automatically blocks IP's using iptables. It distributes and syncs a blacklist and a whitelist on all your Linux servers!

Stop Brute Force Attacks!

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Visit our GitHub repository, then --start

How it works?

distributes and syncs a blacklist on all your linux servers using iptables. It can store your logs on the cloud, and make you able to create Rules or get graphical reports. With you can block Brute Force Attacks, Port Scan, Web Vulnerability Scan, and more...

Distributed Blacklist
Automatically block one or more IP on all your Linux servers? You can do it! It's easy and free, take a look at our GitHub Project.
Iptables -j DROP
SECTHEMALL automatically blocks many types of attacks with a simple Rule Set. You'll not be afraid of: SSH Brute Force, Port Scan, Vulnerability Scan, and much more...
Security Events
All your security events will be encrypted on your servers and stored on our cloud. This will make you able to query and search over your data, and make graphical reports on what's happening on your systems.
Block Tor
We collect all Tor exit nodes in a blacklist, real-time updated. More info at
Block a whole country
Now you can block traffic coming from a specific country, on all your servers, with just a click!
Is a continuously updated database of bad reputation IP addresses. It allows you to block all potential attackers on your servers preemptively. For example: if an IP address has already attacked many of our honeypots, you could take advantage of this information and block the threat before it comes true.

Global Distributed


FREE Trial Account Features

You don't need to pay or have a Credit Card to use ! With our FREE Trial Account you'll just need an E-mail Address. Our Cloud Service is Docker based, it's hosted on DigitalOcean and geographically distributed over London, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Bangalore. With the FREE Trial Account you'll get:

2 Linux Servers
You can connect up to 2 different servers to your secthemall account.
3 Custom Rules
A Custom Rule permit you to automatically blacklist an IP Address on your nodes.
5,000 EPD / Server
EPD means Events Per Day. 1 SSH failed authentication in 24 hours represents 1 EPD. Don't panic!
4 days logs retention
All your collected data will be maintained for 7 days. You can access to your data using our API.
Search engine
Our search engine makes you able to make queries over all your data in an easy and smart way.
Unlimited blacklist entries
There isn't limit on number of IP Addresses that you can put in blacklist.
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echo "Are you a PHP developer?"

      "msg" => "You can log everything!",
      "username" => $_POST['username'],
      "severity" => "medium",


SECTHEMALL PHP-Security is a web application framework that attempts to take the pain out of protecting your PHP applications. It is centrally orchestrated and it distributes your black and white list to all your PHP applications. Super easy installation, just type:

bash <(curl -sSL '')

Read the official documentation on GitHub
Read more about PHP-Security



4$ / month

Unlimited blacklist entries
2 Linux servers
3 custom rules
5,000 EPD / Server
4 days logs retention
Alert via E-mail, Telegram

9$ / month

Unlimited blacklist entries
5 Linux servers
5 custom rules
10,000 EPD / Server
7 days logs retention
Alert via E-mail, Telegram

20$ / month

Unlimited blacklist entries
10 Linux servers
10 custom rules
20,000 EPD / Server
10 days logs retention
Alert via E-mail, Telegram

starting from 300$ / month

If you have many servers and events, we can give you a dedicated cloud with:

Unlimited blacklist entries
Unlimited linux servers
Unlimited custom rules
Unlimited EPD / Server.

You will also have full access to all your logs via Elasticsearch and Kibana. Contact us!