"msg" => "Login Failed",
        "username" => $_POST['username'],
        "severity" => "high",
PHP-Security is a web application framework that attempts to take the pain out of protecting your PHP applications. It is centrally orchestrated and it distributes your black and white list to all your PHP applications.


A little preview


$ bash <(curl -sSL 'https://secthemall.com/webapp/setup.txt')


$ cd secthemall-webapp-client/
$ bash <(curl -sSL 'https://secthemall.com/webapp/upgrade.txt')

Send logs from your App

01 <?php
02     secthemall_sendlog(array(
03         "msg" => "Login Successful",
04         "username" => $_POST['username'],
05         "severity" => "low",
06     ));
07 ?>

How does it works?

Full documentation can be found at GitHub SECTHEMALL/php-security

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