Dashboard Screenshots

A collection of screenshots about the Web Console.

Search Engine
search over thousands of events in less than a second with an easy and powerful query syntax. It shows information about the source IP, the IP geo location, the event details, etc... For more information, visit our online documentation.
Search Charts
During a search, the Web Console will shows you a statistic chart about your servers events.
Time picker
You can search over a specific day of the month with a simple calendar.
Blacklist Charts
You'll see all statistics about blacklisted IPs, grouped by day, in a time span of a month.
Blacklist Charts
All IPs will be grouped by their location, and you'll see detailed charts for each server you configure.
Configured Servers
Keep an eye on your configured servers, you'll see the number of collected events, the client last seen, etc...
Events Charts
What kind of events your server are collecting, what kind of severity, the load average, etc...
Block a whole country traffic
Now you can block traffic coming from a specific country, on all your servers, with just a click!